Following the COVID19 pandemic, sanitization, disinfection and disinfestation for restaurants and food companies has become even more important. In particular, Ozone sanitization is ideal for eliminating viruses and other contaminating elements in a few minutes and in a natural way.
Restaurants and food have always had to follow strict rules of sanitation and sanitization. Ignoring these rules can lead to fatal consequences for customers and catastrophic for companies. After the terrible pandemic that has affected us all closely, it is even more important that all those who work in the restaurant communicate to customers and employees the measures taken to protect them from the virus and other contaminants.
Always, restaurateurs and owners of food companies must follow courses and pass exams that guarantee their perfect knowledge of the rules of sanitization and maintenance of spaces and of treatment and conservation of food.
In the past, sanitization was done with aggressive and polluting chemical means. Today we use more refined techniques that effectively reach all areas of the kitchen, do not pollute and are not toxic.



To those who have a restaurant or a food company, Biotech Professional suggests ozone sanitization which has exceptional advantages for those working in this sector.


The main benefits of ozone treatment :

  • Ozone, whose chemical formula is O3, is an extremely effective disinfectant, capable of naturally eliminating the most dangerous pathogens;
  • Ozone eliminates up to 99.8% of bacteria, molds and viruses.
  • Ozone is a gas therefore reaches any point of the environment to be sanitized (under, behind and inside furniture and machinery where air enters)
  • It leaves no harmful residues after cleaning, unlike chemical disinfectants;
  • It removes all food and smoke odors by purifying the air.
  • It keep small rodents and pests away, such as ants, cockroaches and bedbugs.

Sanitizing with ozone in restaurants and grocery stores reduces the risk of contamination and food deterioration, sanitizes and deodorizes the air in the kitchen and in the room, making the room for customers and staff more healthy and comfortable.
In catering, it is mandatory and essential to ensure maximum hygiene, according to CE 852/2004 H.A.C.C.P.
Password against infestations: prevention.
Unfortunately there is a tendency to intervene only when an infestation has occurred.

The law requires the application of the H.A.C.C.P. system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) a hygienic self-control system. Every operator in the sector of production, handling, storage of food must implement this system in order to assess and estimate dangers and risks and establish control measures to prevent the onset of hygiene and health problems and thus protect the health of consumers. Among the duties of the operator, there is also that of controlling any infestations caused by insects, rodents and any type of parasite. To comply with these obligations, Biotech provides a monitoring service, i.e. meticulous control of weeds: with traditional and technologically advanced means, we analyze the presence of weeds in the structures and act promptly.


The Biotech Guarantee

Biotech, with its ozone sanitization methods, guarantees sanitization, sanitation and purification of the premises and work surfaces where food is handled.
Biotech guarantees a transparent estimate without unexpected costs; maximum discretion and confidentiality with the possibility of intervention during the closing times of the structures; comprehensive advice also against pests and pests such as mice and rats; sanitizing of tablecloths, dishes and furnishings.